Amazing Tales 1

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Amazing Tales Issue 1
Written by:Dave Dye
Lettering by:Dave Dye
Art by:Dave Dye
Cover by:Dave Dye

Amazing Tales Issue 1 is the premiere issue of Amazing Tale, an Australian indie comic book anthology. The story is written and drawn by Dave Dye. It is a collection of several short stories.


Office Romance

A Dropship 15 adventure in the 22nd century

Suzy and Sherbert are piloting in space when the latter plays a mean joke on her before they land into the warzone. Dropship 15 goes down on Earth, but not before Sherb sends a racy, misleading message to Burgturdler, pretending as Suzy. Hilarity on the mudpit ensues.

The Runaway

Inspired by "The Cattle King" by Ion Idriess

Sidney ran away from home to follow his brother George. He, together with his horse Cyclops, travels out and tracks him with only five shillings to his name. He goes on an adventure in the wild, meeting new people along the way.

Bad Karma

First Australian task force - Nui Dat, South Vietnam, 1970

Johnno is starting to become a sadist, killing small animals in the process. A fellow soldier warms him about bad karma, as they push into the jungles of Vietnam.

A Ringer's Yarn

A tale from the collection of Great Australian Droving Stories by Bill “Swampy” Marsh.

In 1932, there was a partial drought all over Queensland. That year, the main character and his dad took up with the Charleville drover - Albert Clarke.