America Man

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America Man
America man.png
Affiliation:The A-Men
Alter Ego:Unknown
Creator:David De Vries, Gary Chaloner

America Man is an Australian comic book superhero created by David De Vries and Gary Chaloner. He is a member of the A-Men, a superhero team based in the USA who are looking for a new home country. He had his debut in Cyclone! Australia Presents: The Southern Squadron #9. His real name is unknown.


America Man is a tall, muscular man of advanced age. His hair is slicked back, with black hair on top and white on the sides. He wears a supersuit with the flag of America as a design under tights and boots.


America Man is the leader of the A-Men. During a trip to Sydney he encountered the Southern Cross and The Dingo, and he was immediately insulted by latter and Nightfighter. He later returned to Australia when the A-Men decided to relocate to the outback, feeling they were unloved in their homeland. The Southern Squadron was sent to deal with this abuse of immigration laws, and after a battle convinced the A-Men to try New Zealand instead.


America Man is generally proud of United States of America and tries to represent it as much as he can. Even then, he's easily angered by insults to his teammates and is quick to throw back an insult himself. Even then, he's savvy enough to not push his agenda too much if unneeded. He also has a tendency to be jingoistic and melodramatic.

Power & Abilities

America Man is a member of the A-Men, a team of superheroes based in America. She has the full backing of her teammates, many of whom have access to a myriad of powers. He seems to have above-average strength.

Expert Fighter

America Man is a great fighter, able to surprise Nightfighter from out of nowhere.