Angry Fred

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Angry Fred
Angry fred.png
Alignment:Hero, Antihero
Affiliation:The Angry Squad, Angry Management
Alter Ego:unknown
Creator:Lucas Scheffel

Angry Fred is an Australian comic book superhero/antihero created by Lucas Scheffel who debuted in Angry Squad: Code Angry in 2020. He is a war vet known for his ability to solve almost any problem, even with his short temper. His real name is unknown.


Fred is an old, balding man in his mid to late 70s with white hair. He wears a red long-sleeve top, black slacks and combat boots together with his signature aviator glasses. In his youth, he wore standard Vietnam War uniform.


In the past, a man is known in Vietnam War for his ability to solve any problem, big or small. His time has now passed and is just an angry old man past his prime, running an underground network of stolen weapons.


Fred, like his moniker, is angry most of the time. He is legendary for his short temper and ease of annoyance to anything. Even then, Fred cares about the people around him. He goes into a fight even if he's outnumbered. He has some existing mental issues, including PTSD from his time in the military.

Power & Abilities

Fred was originally known as the military's "go-to guy" for any problem. Now, he is a gun runner, trading guns and smuggled goods through an underground network

Enhanced Strength

Fred enhances his strength when he's angry. When he's angry, his hands also enlarge.

Hand to Hand Combat Expertise

Fred is a master of hand to hand combat. He prefers using his fists, punching through any attacker.

Ranged Weapon Specialist

Fred is a gun runner, able to source almost any gun from his arsenal. With that, he's an expert at using ranged weapons, with a preference with light machine gun, machine guns, and heavy machine guns.


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