Angry Squad Chapter 1

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Angry Squad
Angry Squad 1-1.png
Story by:Lucas Scheffel
Art by:Nikita Vasilchuk

Angry Squad Chapter 1 is the first chapter for the Australian comic book Angry Squad by Lucas Scheffel and published by Angry Fred Comics. The story is written Lucas Scheffel, with art and colours by Nikita Vasilchuk. Angry Squad follows Angry Fred, an old "has-been" gun-runner.


In a safehouse somewhere called Angry Management, a group of armed men wearing monkey masks kidnapped a group of people. While the kidnapping happens, one of the would-be victims calls out the boss, saying it's a "code Angry." The person on the other line complains but drives to the prisoners' location as soon as possible.

The person drove towards the attackers, killing two kidnappers outright. Another is lamenting who is attacking, with one of the kidnappers calling the new attacker "worse than John Wick". It is revealed that the person is an old man, who attacks them and dispatches everyone with ease.

The old man tries to find Chuck, ready to give him a punch for the entire fiasco. Two girls, Little Marie and Loud Lily, try to talk to Fred, who then tells him about a runaway gorilla. While he's indignant about the possibility of such an absurd request, a gorilla rips off the roof.

Fred and his people run away from the safehouse, riding an APV and driving away with Mama Cocos. Mama Cocos admits that Mr. G-rilla is a "by-product of a wrong decision." She then convinces Fred to help her clean up the mess in exchange for complete freedom in the future. Fred then asks them to look for Marcus Knight.