Australian Maid

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Australian Maid
Australian maid.jpg
Affiliation:The Jackaroo
Alter Ego:Hesper Flynn
Creator:Gary Chaloner, Jason Paulos

Austrlaian Maid is an Australian comic book superhero created by David De Vries and Gary Chaloner. She is a government sanctioned heroine and debuted in The Jackaroo #3. Her real name is Hesper Flynn.


Hesper Flynn is a tall, lanky, but fit woman. She has short, blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She likes to wear red lipstick too. As Australian Maid, she wears a green and yellow power suit with a yellow cape.


As an ex-Olympic champion (trained at the Institute of Sport) and government-sponsored “role model”, Flynn was enlisted by the Federal Minister for Sports and Recreation to be “Australian Maid”. She soon was taking on missions outside that portfolio. Missions of a dangerous kind.

Rejecting her role as a government mouthpiece soon after meeting Flash Damingo and Opal, the disenchanted “government superhero” eventually quit the role of Australian Maid, assuming the darker persona of The Redback.


Hesper is a kind and responsible hero who always followed the request of her superiors during her time as Australian Maid. She can be quite judgemental, but tends to keep her thoughts to herself. She can also be no-nonsense, deductive, and is quite mindful of others.

Power & Abilities

Peak Fitness

Australian Maid is an Olympic-level human that is at the peak of human fitness. She stronger and more agile than usual humans, able to fight off multiple people or those who are bigger and stronger than her.

Special Power Suit

Australian Maid has a special power suit that offers her several benefits. The suit is bulletproof and gives her flight skills.