Battle For Bustle 1

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Battle For Bustle Chapter 1
Battle for Bustle 1.png
Story by:Leigh Chalker
Art by:Leigh Chalker

Battle For Bustle Chapter 1 is the first issue of Battle for Bustle, an Australian comic book published by Reverie Publications. The story is written and drawn by Leigh Chalker. The story follows the adventures of a human test subject under the hands of two scientists.


Two scientists A1 and A2 are talking about their test subject and how he is the perfect material. They are scheduling a battery of tests on him, from limb removals to dissection. They keep cutting him up, testing his endurance, noting how they couldn't kill him even if they tried.

The scientists then decapitate him, trying to pick out his brains. As they look into his memories, the test subject remembers his city.

The test subject remembers Bustle, his home for 32 years. He lived there as part of the working class, tagged as 091177. 091177 discusses how bleak life is, claiming he only survives because of his family and repeating "my mind is my fortress."

One day, as 091177 ponders, a superior road rages at him and he fights back, killing Medial in cold blood.

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