Bill Killnowski

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Billy Killnowski
Affiliation:Killnowski Family
Alter Ego:None
Creator:Duncan Cunningham

Bill Killnowski is an Australian comic book villain created by Duncan Cunningham. He is a member of the Killnowski Family, known as Bible Boy Bill and the child of Ivan Killnowski. He had his debut in Killnowski. He has no alter ego.


Bill has the most normal outward appearance among his brothers. He is a lanky black man with a bald head. He wears white long-sleeves, a tie, and black pants, reminiscent of Mormon missionaries. He usually carries a bible with him at all times.


Bill is the middle child among the Killnowskis. The Killnowskis lives in the Wolston Reserve with patriarch Ivan and his three in-bred sons. Once a month, they go out of their failing crocodile farm to hunt for "meat" to feed their crocs.


Bill is always lusted and bloodlusted due to his quirks. He is a homosexual and a sodomiser who likes to "cleanse" their male victims first. He is also a Bible nut, showing anger when other people curse and blaspheme.

Power & Abilities

Bill Killnowski has no powers. He does, however, lack morals and is willing to kill whoever and whenever.

Adept Combatant

Bill is a great fighter, likely the second best within his family behind Hank. He is ruthless and likes to toy with his victims.