Billy The Demon Slayer

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Billy The Demon Slayer
Affiliation:The Devil, Airon
Alter Ego:William "Billy" Daimon
Creator:Hayden Fryer
Debut:April 2002

Billy The Demon Slayer is an Australian comic book superhero created by Hayden Fryer who debuted in Billy: Demon Slayer #1 in April 2002. He is a half-breed demon son of The Devil who vowed to avenge his human mother. His real name is William Damon.


Billy is a young man in his teens with blond, flat top hair, pale white skin and blue eyes. He tends to move around with a large grin on his face when he fights, together with his signature scowl. He is muscular for his age due to his demon-slaying activities and tends to wear a blue top with a pair of green trousers. He usually fights with a pair of electric chain saws, known as "Handy Saws" or two electric "cutlasses" with broad blades and clip points.


Unknown to William Damon, his father was the Devil himself. In spite of this, for many years he lived a normal life, until one day, while out shopping with his mother, Billy was attacked by his Dad's hench-man looking to enlist him as the Anti-Christ. They made a vital mistake in murdering Mrs Damon, causing Billy to grab a pair of "Handy-Saws" (electric Hand-Held Chainsaws) from the shelf behind him. In the chaos that followed Billy made a pledge to get revenge for his mother.

A few weeks later Billy ran across his father in a demon pub after a demon snitched on his location, by the end of the confrontation the pub was burning to the ground. In an effort to remove Billy, the Devil enlisted the help of his Half-Breed Assassin team the "Wolfpack". Meanwhile the Trench-Man had plans of his own to test the unwritten law with a shotgun. Billy's Guardian Angel intervened, leading to a confrontation with the Wolfpack.

Annoyed with the prospect of losing Armageddon again, the Devil decided on a different plan of attack. With the assistance of Billy's evil twin brother (who had been locked in the deepest pit in Hell for most of his life), the Devil devised a devious plot to attack Heaven directly.


Billy is a high-strung teenager who is bound by fits of rage and vengeance. He does not like being on the short end of the stick and he likes to harbour grudges against other creatures.

Power & Abilities

Anti-Demon Protection

Billy is a half-demon and the son of The Devil himself. Due to the unwritten rule that demons cannot attack their own, hell spawn are unable to kill him.

Master Combatant

Billy is a prodigious fighter, able to kill off several demons even when he is outnumbered. Whilst he doesn't have formal martial arts training, his hand-to-hand combat and street-style fighting is enough to fend off his attackers.

Melee Specialist Billy uses a pair of electric chainsaws or cutlasses to cut through his enemies with ease. He is able to slash his way around and shed demon blood continuously.