Bin Kitty 1

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Bin Kitty Chapter 1
Bin Kitty 1.png
Story by:Duncan Pranevicius
Art by:Duncan Pranevicius

Bin Kitty Chapter 1 is the first issue of Bin Kitty, an Australian comic book published by Vicious Comics. The story is written and drawn by Duncan Pranevicius. The story follows the adventures of a cat with a bloody head.


The cat wakes up with blood on her head, not remembering a thing other than getting shot in the head. As she looks around, she sees a body with a bullet between the eyes. The cat investigates around, seeing the name of the person as Spencer Ronald Reagan.

The cat tries to move the body to hide evidence, being unable to explain what could've happened. As she moves around the body, the cat hears footsteps and sees a person going around with his dog. The cat ambushes the person, threatening to kill him if he makes a noise. The man recognises the cat being the serial killer on the wanted poster.

As the cat gets distracted, the man elbows her in the head. The cat smashes to the wall, but she evades a second punch. The cat gets to fight back and beats the man to an inch of his life. As she knows she can kill the man, the cat hears a voice that urges her to do it.

The cat goes against her instincts and tries to turn a new leaf. She decides to go after the person who tried to kill her.

Next Chapter: Bin Kitty 2