Blood Ties

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Blood Ties
Story by:Tanya Beeson
Inks by:Lauren Marshall
Colours by:Kaylene Harris

Blood Ties is the first chapter of Lana Leuka. The story is written by Tanya Beeson, art by Lauren Marshall, and coloured by Kaylene Harris.


The story starts by showing a girl with purple hair, pink skin, bunny ears, and horns. It's Lana Leuka and she sees two Shades. She asks what they are doing and they say they saw "bad shit". As they try to explain what's happening, she tells them to report back to "D". As she investigates, she gets into a laboratory and finds a corpse, noticing its soul was ripped straight out, already promised to someone.

Detectives are taking evidence from the scene of the crime. Detective Chase gets a report that the corpse is Aaron Phelps, a middle-aged man stabbed through the abdomen and got his organs taken. Chase continues his investigation, discovers a matchbox on the ground with a head with horn logo, and tries to look further.

The story moves to Lana Leuka, who explains her ability to attune to the city and find things that are out of place. She finds a scared girl in an alley, likely the victim's assistant. Lana touches her and finds out what happened. She discovers that the two Shades from before attacked the lab while they are working on another corpse, shooting down the doctor while the assistant runs. Lana questions the lab assistant and carries her away for further questioning.

Later that night, Detective Chase visits a tavern with the same logo on it. Chase looks for the owner, D, and gets asked to sit around first. As D comes out, he pushes Chase around, asking him to leave and come back with a search warrant instead. D then flashes back to Chase's history with Lana. D then asks the two Shades where is Lana and asks them to bring her to him.

Inside a phone booth, Lana calls for Eddy to pick her up, together with the lab assistant. Eddy picks it up late, but as more people start to come down the area, they run away and try to hide in an old flower shop.

The story moves back to Chase, who investigates CCTV tapes of the crime scene. They note that it's blank, until it shows Lana Leuka at the end of the footage.