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Alter Ego:William Beaumont
Creator:Gerald Carr

Brainmaster is an Australian comic book superhero created by Gerald Carr who debuted in Wart's Epic in 1970 and Brainmaster & Vixen in 1977. He is a scientist mutated by an alien cylinder to have psionic abilities and super-genius intellect. His real name is William Beaumont.


William is a healthy man with a medium build, bald head and thick mustache. As Brainmaster, his bald head receives a clear, transparent glass-like dome while he wears a green and white supersuit.


Two visitors arrive at Mawson base, Australian Antarctic Territory, one a noted scientist, Professor Beaumont, the other, his assistant biologist Vivian Gale. They are there on a secret mission to investigate the frequent sightings of a U.F.O. in the area.

During a violent blizzard one of their hapless search parties see the massive form of the U.F.O. ahead in the snowstorm. They find an entrance and clamber on board. Inside they find a chamber containing a cylinder. When the craft hums to life the party grab the object as they are suddenly ejected from the space ship which vanishes at blinding speed.

Beaumont and Vivien take the find back to Australia. Eventually, an incident almost kills both Vivian and William, until the aliens mutate them into metahumans.


Power & Abilities

Super-Genius Intellect

Brainmaster received super-genius intellect that allows him to solve problems with unique solutions, including the creation of new devices. Even before his augmentation, William was already an accomplished scientist and a man of science.

Psionic Abilities

Brainmaster is able to muster powerful psionic abilities, including telekinesis, telepathy, and post-hypnotic suggestions. He also has enough control of brains to suppress pain for himself and others around him.