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Bronwyn: The Further Adventures
Published by:Whatzacdrew Comics
Written by:Isaac George
Pencils by:Isaac George
Inks by:Isaac George
Letters by:Isaac George
Colours by:Isaac George

Bronwyn: The Further Adventures is an Australian graphic novel published by Whatzacdrew Comics. The series follows a Celtic female warrior and her exploits throughout the land. The story is written and illustrated by Isaac George.


Bronwyn - A female Celtic warrior trained and favored by the gods.

Whistler - a male Celtic warrior and a staunch ally to Bronwyn.

Varick - a male child originally under the protection of Bronwyn.


Bronwyn: The Further Adventures is divided into three stories: Rise, The Kelpie, and the Sluagh.


Between 2542 - 2490 BC, before the Battle of Alesia, The battle between Balor and Lugh has ended and a woman comes out and calls onto the spirits of the woods, calling herself the "forgotten heir" to Balor's throne. The spirits hail her in response and agreement.

The Kelpie

As Bronwyn, Whistler and Varick rest for the night, a hunch makes the former worried. As they look onto Varick, he is charmed by a voice, walking listlessly towards the forest. As Bronwyn tries to stop him, a kelpie pulls him and possesses Whistler to prevent the former.

Bronwyn and Whistler fight on whilst the kelpie abducts Varick. By the time the latter incapacitates her possessed ally, the spirit has already fully charmed Varick. She tries to search for the kelpie, knowing where to find them.

Bronwyn suddenly wakes up, and Whistler comes back, asking if she is still haunted by what happened with Varick. Whistler asks if she is now the protector of the vessel, only to tell that he'll stay as her staunch ally regardless.

The Sluagh

In 32 BC, an order of mystics detail what they know about Bronwyn as they follow her hunt for the sluagh. They note that she is born 10 years before Caesar's invasion of Gaul, in the tribe led by Vercingetorix. She received blessings from fairies and gods, including the Tuatha de Danann, Lugh, and Babd. She was also taught by druids and the goddess Brigid.

As she raids the old temple of the Tuatha de Danann, she tracks the sluagh - a vessel of the unforgiven dead. She slays the beast with her mystical sword given by the Lady of the Lake, the souls move on to the other side. The order then notes how their people are ready to meet Bronwyn, with her not knowing what awaits her.