Collateral - Dear John

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Collateral - Dear John is a twelve-issue comic book series written by Matthew Nicholls and illustrated by Lee Taylor, set in a modern-day superhero world. The story follows a typical family in a world devastated by metahumans. As superheroes and villains destroy cities, they try to survive and struggle through it. The series is currently on hiatus, with the series currently on Chapter 5.


The focus of this drama is set around a typical family trying to survive their world. The story focuses on John and Mary, a couple of normal people trying to live their lives in a city ravaged by fights between superheroes and supervillains. They also do their best to manage their three growing children - James, Scott, and Timmy. The family tries to navigate around a world where death and destruction in the wake of a superfight is an acceptable statistic.


John - father of the house and husband to Mary. John loses his job due to a superhero accident and tries to find a means to make a living. He is belligerent towards supers, believing they are a menace to society.

Mary - mother of the house and wife to John. Mary is a kind housewife who tries to be sensible, calm, and responsible around the home. She loves her children very much and always shows concern towards her husband.

James - eldest son of John and Mary. James is in a band and tries to make it big through gigs. He has a rebellious nature but very respectful towards Mary. His unemployment becomes a sore point throughout the series.

Scott - the middle child of John and Mary. Scott is usually lazy and likes to spend his time around the house.

Timmy - the youngest son of John and Mary. He is the most affectionate of the bunch and loves the idea of superheroes.


Chapter 1 - Vacant City

Chapter 2 - Victims of Circumstances

Chapter 3 - School's Out

Chapter 4 - One Door Opens, Another Closes

Chapter 5 - It's All Bad