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The ComX.Net.Au Project came online March 2020 as a non-profit site, with the goal of becoming the largest online database pertaining Australian indie comic books. This site, aka ComX, is the creation of Shane Syddall, the owner of and an avid proponent of the Australian comic book industry, together with help from lead moderator Jerome Castro. Our goal as a wiki is to detail, note, record, and connect people to the Australian comic book scene not only now but those from decades ago.

The Australian comic book industry was a thriving community of fans and creators over the decades and still grows to this day. This wiki would act as a crowdsourced record that is accessible to anyone and everyone.

Thanks to the open source software, provided by the MediaWiki foundation, we are able to extend support of this reference to the Australian comics database.

The Database uses the comic book submissions of authors, fans, and other sources as its primary source of information. Our long-term goal is to provide as accurate as possible information to everyone and we are looking towards a future where the community itself finds time to expand on entries and edit them with accuracy.

What you will find:

  • Detailed Comics Listings and Synopses
  • Images (Cover Art, Character Art and Fan Art)
  • Information on Australian publications, in-canon universes, heroes, villains, and more
  • Profiles on Australian indie comic book creators, past and present.

What you won't find:

  • Non-Australian comics
    • Exceptions: Creator owned and/or re-published comics published by an Australian imprint or creator.
    • Exceptions: Comic books from New Zealand, until such time that a separate database can be created.
  • Mainstream comics like Marvel or DC
    • Exceptions: Officially licensed comics published by an Aussie creator for the Australian market.
  • Media based on non-Australian properties
    • Exceptions: Listing of adaptations of creator owned works that either:
      • Originated from comics that were originally published by an Australian imprint.
      • Or the majority of the source material was published by an Australian imprint.