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The following site privacy statement is a draft. It has not yet been formally approved.

ComX recognizes that all users— both contributors and browsers— have both a desire for and basic right to privacy in regard to their online activity. ComX takes no special measures to retain users traffic or identity data, and does not make that stored data available to our partners.

Editors making contributions to ComX should be aware that their contributions include both username and IP-address information which could be used to identify them.

  • ComX requests that any editor(s) to source as much information as possible. We understand that we are dealing with information for Australian comic books and characters, some of which are obscure or lack sources. We are keeping the wiki open to edits, under the direct moderation of the admin to prevent defacement, to allow for more accurate information about its contents. We appreciate comic book authors keeping contact or adding their own edits on the wiki.

Anonymous edits are publicly identified by the IP address of the person making them. Edits performed by logged-in users are publically identified by their username instead.

Additional overview of user information gathered, tracked and retained

Data stored in ComX's Database

  • Mediawiki does not store anonymous readers data usage data.
  • Logged-in users data (including their e-mail address, real name if provided, and settings) are stored on-site. Account passwords are stored only as a 1-way hash; we do not keep your password, merely a numeric checksum to verify that the password you provide matches the one used to register. None of this data is visible to users or the general public and is not provided to our partners.
  • Use of the "E-mail user" function will expose your e-mail address to the user you are contacting, as it will be listed as the return address on the resulting email.
  • A user's edit history (whether anonymous or logged in) can reasonably be expected to be stored or re-constructed. Much of this data is publicly available.
  • Logged-in users' IP addresses and other related information are stored in the database as well. This information expires after three months, and can only be accessed by users with the CheckUser permission. This information is not shared with third parties and is only used to investigate abuse of the website.


  • ComX stores session-dependent identifies with your browser relating to your session-id and database-connection tokens for all users. These expire after several hours. Logged in users have a unique-id stored for the duration of their visit and (if they explicitly choose to remain permanently logged in) beyond.
  • Google Analytics stores several usage data but does not include private information like e-mail address, real name, and others.