Crimson Comet

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Crimson Comet
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Alter Ego:Ralph Rivers
Creator:John Dixon

Crimson Comet, is an Australian Golden Age comic book superhero created by John Dixon who debuted in Crimson Comet #1 in 1949. He is a private detective who had a pair of eagle wings on his back. His real name is Ralph Rivers.


Ralph Rivers is a handsome man with medium build. As Ralph, he conceals his wings on his private investigator uniform, appearing with a hunchback. As Crimson Comet, he wears a red overall supersuit with his wings spread wide.


After his mother was murdered by a burglar who broke into the family mansion, young Ralph River's surgeon father threw himself into his research. He developed a pair of wings, which he subsequently grafted on to Ralph's back; the boy hid these beneath his clothes, giving him the appearance of a hunchback.

In spite of this somewhat weird behaviour and his new attributes, Ralph did well at school, and grew up fit, smart and strong. Once he became an adult, Ralph became a private eye, while secretly fighting crime as the Crimson Comet.


Power & Abilities

Crimson Comet has the strength of a fit man of his age. Whilst his strength is not superhuman, he is at the peak of human capability when it comes to his

Flight via Natural Wings

Crimson Comet has a pair of eagle wings grafted on him during his youth and also grew with him unto adulthood. With these, he can fly in high speeds and move gracefully in the sky.

Unarmed Combat

Crimson Comet is a great hand to hand combat expert, coming from his years of experience as a private investigator. His technique mostly takes advantage of his flight capabilities.