Cthulhu Williams

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Cthulhu Williams
Cthulhu Williams.png
Affiliation:Dreamer's Gate, Trixx, Mister Gray
Alter Ego:None
Creator:Tim Stiles
Debut:February 2016

Cthulhu Williams is an Australian comic book superhero created by Tim Stiles who debuted in Cthulhu Williams #0 - Dreamer's Gate & Rough Stuff in February 2016. He is human paranormal investigator. His real name is unknown but he officially goes by Cthulhu Williams.


Cthulhu is a middle-aged white man with purple eyes. He has brown hair with white streaks on the side, with a scraggly beard. He wears purple tactical gear, with the body armour full of occult symbols.


Cthulhu Williams is being berated by a purple-haired girl named Trixx for dressing Mister Grey as a school girl. Now, he is commanded to visit Councilman Townsend to get more information about the missing girl they're looking for.

So far, everyone is finding leads towards finding a missing kid named Selina Browne. Cthulhu and Grey visit the councilman's house, only to find it abandoned. Both guys arm up, conjuring weapons and patrolling the rooms. As they reach a door labeled "Vault", they break down the door and gets the surprise of their life.


Cthulhu Williams is kind and empathetic, even if he can be a douche at times. He tends to be no-nonsense, with a dry-wit and humour to boot. He is extremely careful and hates when he has to go in battle without prep due to his allies.

Power & Abilities

Cthulhu is an occult investigator who is known to fight off beings of magic and mysticism in almost every mission.

Occult Knowledge

Cthulhu has extensive knowledge of occultism and mysticism. He is able to read most texts, manuscripts, and occult symbolisms. He is knowledgeable enough to find experts on occult information he has no experience with.

Mystic Immunity

Cthulhu has a body that is able to withstand, repel, and even nullify mystic abilities, including a Gorgon's petrification and a zombie's bite. At the same time, he is able to nullify mystic defenses like phantoms' phasing and physical attack immunity of demonic beings. With this, he is able to surprise monsters who are immune to physical attacks, including choking a ghost.

Tactical Expertise

Cthulhu Williams is an expert in firearms, armour, and infiltration tactics. He likes to carry what seems to be a Beretta M9 and uses tactical armour with occult symbols, likely to ward off magic attacks.


Cthulhu Williams Chapter 0