Cthulhu Williams Chapter 0

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Cthulhu Williams
Cthulhu Williams 0.png
Story by:Tim Stiles
Art by:Mortimer Glum
Lettering by:Peeter Parkker and S. Greenleaf

Cthulhu Williams Chapter 0 is the premiere chapter for the Australian comic book Cthulhu Williams by Tim Stiles and published by Big Tim's Funny Books. The story is written by Tim Stiles, with art and by Mortimer Glum and lettered by Peeter Parkker and S. Greenleaf. The chapter is entitled Dreamer's Gate.


Cthulhu Williams is being berated by a purple-haired girl named Trixx for dressing Mister Grey as a school girl. Now, he is commanded to visit Councilman Townsend to get more information about the missing girl they're looking for.

So far, everyone is finding leads towards finding a missing kid named Selina Browne. Cthulhu and Grey visit the councilman's house, only to find it abandoned. Both guys arm up, conjuring weapons and patrolling the rooms. As they reach a door labeled "Vault", they break down the door and gets the surprise of their life.

Meanwhile, Trixx is surfing the internet, trying to find more clues. As she finds more leads about the symbol, a visage shows up besides her and smashes her head with a sledgehammer.

Back to Cthulhu, they find a blood altar filled with different types of voodoo summoning materials. Both decide to come back Dreamer's Gate. As they return, they see Trixx with a gun at the Councilman's forehead. They discover that it was the Councilman who kidnapped the missing people.

Cthulhu then details the methods on how to summon The Tallman, which the angry Trixx is ready to do with the Councilman as the scapegoat. They do the ritual and summon The Tallman, then try to gun it down. As they fail to repel the Tallman, Cthulhu Williams starts attacking it, revealing that he is immune to the effects of monsters and otherworldly creatures.

As Cthulhu Williams takes down the Tallman, he demands to have the kids released. It accedes to Cthulhu's request, giving back all the children they took. As they close the case, the story ends with The Councilman being given to The Tallman in exchange of the children.