Dark Nebula

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Dark Nebula
Dark Nebula.jpg
Affiliation:United Space Industries, RAAF
Alter Ego:Mark Medula
Creator:Tad Pietrzykowski

Dark Nebula is an Australian comic book superhero created by Tad Pietrzykowski who debuted in The Dynamic Dark Nebula in 1982. He is an austronaut for the United Space Industries who fused with an alien warlord. His real name is Colonel Mark Medula.


Mark has medium length blond hair with fair skin and a medium build. As Dark Nebula, he wears a black helmet with a white visor and red racing stripe on the centre. He wears a black 3/4 sleeve top with a big red X on the centre, together with black pants and boots.


The Dark Nebula receives his powers from the two souls occupy the dead body of Colonel Mark Medula, an Australian astronaut, who on returning from a routine shuttle mission, encounters an alien warlord, Cerellus of the planet Caileu. Medula and Cerellus battle and kill each other and when their souls are brought before Death for final consignment they are instead melded within Medula’s body. From Cerellus he receives psionic abilities (telepathy, telekinesis etc.), from Medula he receives the dark fire (a powerful mystical force, which although Medula is unaware of it at the time he is descended from a long line of witches). There is a constant battle for control of the host body with Cerellus constantly attempting to take over Medula's body at every opportunity.


The Dark Nebula is brash, ominous, and has a dark sense of humour. As Mark Medula, he can be no-nonsense at times and comedic in others. He tends to show signs of distress almost all the time, mostly as Cerellus keeps trying to usurp control.

Power & Abilities

As a normal human, Mark's physical conditioning is that of a normal, fit human. He has training in the RAAF, giving him superior training than most individuals.

Superhuman Strength/Invulnerability/Flight

As he inherited the body of Cerellus, an alien warlord, Dark Nebula has superhuman strength, invulnerability and the power of flight. He's been seen smashing through walls and bending steel, while his flight skills allow him to travel in and around the world, even going as far as deep space. He's invulnerability is said to be tied up to his connection with Cerellus, as he is unharmed to some degree by certain attacks, but higher orders of magnitude can overcome his exterior.

Psionic Abilities

Dark Nebula has several levels of telepathy, ESP, and telekinesis, though the limits of these are unknown. He is also known to emit forcefields around him and others.

Power Cosmic and Power Mystic

Dark Nebula has potent cosmic energy that he can fire off his hands. Unknown to Mark, he comes from a lineage of witches and warlocks, giving him a latent ability to harness mystic powers. Combined with his power cosmic, he can conjure Dark Fire, a mystical force that can wipe out an entire civilization and is powerful enough to hold hordes of hell.