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Affiliation:O.G.R.E, Zotian
Alter Ego:Margaret Bourne
Creator:Gary Chaloner

Feral is an Australian comic book villain created by Gary Chaloner. She is the head of O.G.R.E and a princess of the Zotian race. She had her debut in Cyclone!. She took over the body of Margaret Bourne and assumed her identity.


Feral assumed the identity of The Jackaroo's friend, Margaret Bourne. As Margaret, she has short, permed hair with a shapely, voluptuous body. As Feral, she sheds her face and shows longer ears, more alien features, and sharp teeth. She also wields cybernetic hands with long, sharp nails as weapons.


Feral is the daughter of the Zotian king. In pursuit of Molo The Mighty and the powerband he had, she came to Earth and searched for the former.


Feral is smart and scheming. She is willing to do whatever she needs and find whatever allies she can to get the job done.

Power & Abilities

Tyrannical Leadership

Feral is a smart leader who knows how to find the right assassins for the job. She is able to surround herself with competent individuals to make up for her lack of fighting skills.

Good Combat Skills

Feral is a decent fighter, able to hold her own with other fighters. Even then, she's unable to fight the likes of The Jackaroo or Molo.