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Major Flash Damingo is the protagonist of the comic book Flash Damingo & The Jackaroo. Flash is an anthropomorphic platypus from the planet Plateus and a high-ranking officer of the Intergalactic Police Force. He is investigating the machinations of Lord Zot, the tyrant of planet Zot. Much of the Zotians are looking for Flash and they followed him to Earth to make sure of his elimination.



Major Flash Damingo is an anthropomorphic platypus standing on two legs. He is diminutive in size, usually around a meter tall. He has black fur and a simple dark orange bill. People outside Australia usually mistakes him for a duck, where Aussies try to correct them. His standard outfit is his intergalactic police uniform. He wears a white double-breasted officer's uniform with matching trousers and black leather boots. He rarely gets out of uniform, but when he does do R&R, he will wear location-appropriate clothing, like board shorts for the beach.


Major Flash Damingo is a smart, cunning anthropomorphic platypus. He is very mission-oriented, sometimes to a fault. Flash does not care about anything else but the mission and will go through great lengths to complete what he needs to finish. Though there are times that Flash can be oblivious, this only comes from his lack of understanding of human customs. He once believed that the Sydney Cricket Grounds was a military base due to his lack of understanding of human sport.

Even then, Flash is a very determined character. Even when the chips are down, he does not falter. Flash's morality is also very black and white. He is unwilling to compromise when it comes to enemies, being incredibly ruthless when fighting his enemies. Damingo does not compromise, willing to kill even an injured, remorseful enemy because they're Zotian.

Flash does not mind killing his enemies in cold blood, which puts him in a clash against many moralistic superheroes who don't kill. As long as it's part of the mission or helps the mission in some way, Flash will not hesitate to kill if it nets him a win.

Powers and Abilities

Flash Damingo is a trained intergalactic police officer with years of experience under his belt. He is great at stealth, able to take down a mook without him noticing Flash. He can also act very intimidating if the enemy has not seen his diminutive size.

Experienced Fighter

Damingo has years of close combat fighting experience under his belt. While he does not fight a lot, he is not a liability in a fight and can come out victorious in a fight against a metahuman. Even then, it is common for Flash to be caught and saved by the team.