Fortress 1

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Fortress Issue 1
Story by:Joel van der Knapp
Script by:Joel van der Knapp
Pencils by:Joel van der Knapp
Inks by:Joel van der Knapp
Colours by:Joel van der Knapp
Cover by:Joel van der Knapp

Fortress Issue 1 is the premiere issue of Fortress, an Australian indie comic book published by Roam Comics. The story is written, drawn, and coloured by Joel van der Knapp. The story follows Itar, a cybernetic human looking for someone named Caleb in a post-apocalyptic world.


Itar - The main protagonist. A cybernetic human on a quest to find Caleb.

Roy - an obsolete model drone fully named as Destroyer 7.

Caleb - a cybernetic human hunted by Itar for unknown reasons.

Voron - a person in search of Caleb and looking to amass an army of cybernetics to start another war.


Itar and Roy meet on a post-apocalyptic field full of debris. As Itar reconnects with Roy, the former asks where is Caleb. Roy guides Itar to Caleb's whereabouts, only to find out that Voron's minions are on their tail.