Fox and Hound Issue 1

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Fox and Hound Issue 1
Story by:N.S. Kane
Script by:N.S. Kane
Pencils by:John Rhodes
Inks by:Shane Chebsey, Steve Sprayson (Cover)
Colours by:John Rhodes
Cover by:John Rhodes, Steve Sprayson
Lettering by:John Rhodes

Fox and Hound Issue 1 is the first issue of Fox and Hound, an Australian indie comic book self-published by N.S. Kane. The story is written and created by N.S. Kane, with pencils, colours, and lettering by John Rhodes and inks by Shane Chebsey. The cover is created by John Rhodes, with inks from Steve Sprayson. The story follows two classy catburglars who went into a casino heist mission.


Charlie "Hound" Minc and Lena "Fox" Petrov receive a mission from Giovanni Russo, who gives them a dossier for a potential drop-off and heist at a casino, where a contact will do the hand-off. With Hound at point and Fox at backup, the duo do their best to do a subtle entrance.