Freakenstein 1

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Freakenstein Chapter 1
Published by:Freek Productions
Written by:Jesse Dracman
Pencils by:Pristianyuli
Inks by:Pristianyuli
Layouts by:Aaron Sammut

Freakenstein Chapter 1 is an Australian comic book published by Freek Productions. The series follows a character of the same name as he and his allies move around a post-zombie apocalypse landscape. The story is written and by Jesse Dracman, illustrated by Pristianyuli, with layouts from Aaron Sammut.


Freakenstein - a metalhead voodoo zombie who developed superpowers after reanimating from the bits of his band.

Chippy - an old rocker and Freakenstein's driver.

Bob - The spirit guide of Freakenstein and Chippy. Knows the full potential of Freakenstein's abilities.


Freakenstein follows the character of the same name as he moves around a post-apocalyptic landscape of zombies. The zombies here are not like your typical ones, as many of them were infected by a social media and music app.

The protagonist himself hides a freaking awesome secret as he culls down the horde. As he moves about, he discovers more people like himself and how they’re surviving throughout the scorched landscape.