Gorilla My Dreams 1

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Gorilla My Dreams Issue 1
Published by:Big Tim's Funny Books

Gorilla My Dreams Issue 1 is an Australian comic book published by Big Tim's Funny Books. The series follows a gorilla private detective of the same name as he solves low-level crimes in a superhero city. The story has several stories per issue, with the first issue having three stories in total.


Knockaround Guy - intelligent gorilla and a private detective.

Margot Le Dieu - a telestes mime and only witness to the death of her fiance, Pepe De La Fuente.

Pepe De La Fuente - a telestes mime found dead on the streets

Doctor Worm - a doctor with soft, durable worm-like characteristics.

Valkyrie - a warrior who resides at the North Poles Strip Club.

Rakshasa McBig - a yeti and barman at the North Poles Strip Club.

Pointy McSpikeface - a sentient cactus and bookie for the Idiotarod Races.


Regular Cover by: Ahmed Raafat
Variant Cover by: Craig Bruyn
Back Cover by: Ahmed Raafat

Mime of My Life

Illustrated by: Ahmed Raafat

Written by: Big Tim Stiles

Edited by: S. Greenleaf

Pepe De La Fuente, a telestes-mime, is found dead by the police. Knockaround Guy goes on a wild goose chase for clues, looking for his murderer. The only witness is another mime, the beautiful Margot Le Dieu, who catches KG's eye.

Good Morning

Illustrated by: Big Tim Stiles

Written by: Ahmed Raafat

Edited by: S. Greenleaf

15 months ago, Knockaround Guy wakes up inside a nightmare, debilitated by the feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. He introspects what it means to live and how it is to exist.

Saving Doctor Worm

Illustrated by: Ahmed Raafat

Written by: Big Tim Stiles

Edited by: S. Greenleaf

Two years ago, Knockaround Guy is on patrol and sees Doctor Worm under attack, building his first few allies in town.

Next Chapter: Gorilla My Dreams 2