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The Grandstander
Alter Ego:Unknown
Creator:Tad Pietrzykowski

Grandstander is an Australian comic book villain created by Tad Pietrzykowski. He is supervillain known to be the archenemy of both Dark Nebula and the Southern Squadron. His real name is unknown.


The Grandstander is a medium built man from late-20s to mid-30s with short blond hair. He wears a full-body supersuit and wields a retractable bo staff.



Like any villain, the Grandstander is very confident about his skills. He likes wearing disguises, using other people's identity to hold onto positions of power. He enjoys the fame and attention he gets from the disguises and is quite arrogant about his capabilities.

Power & Abilities

Grandstander does not have superpowers. He is fit for his job and a master at his craft.

Stealth and Assassination

The Grandstander is a master assassin, able to kill any person for the right money.

Master of Disguise

Grandstander is able to use different types of disguise and mimic people too. He can use latex and padding exterior to change his face. For years, he was able to pretend that he was the Dark Nebula whilst the latter was on a deep space mission.

Specialised Bo Staff

Grandstander uses a specialist retractable bo staff that gives him several superpowers. With it, he can fly and maneuver with dexterity on the air. He can also shoot concussive blasts from the staff, able to stun and incapacitate others.