Hell Courtesan

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Hell Courtesan
Story by:N.S. Kane
Script by:N.S. Kane
Pencils by:Chris Pitcairn
Colours by:Chris Pitcairn
Lettering by:N.S. Kane

Hell Courtesan is an Australian graphic novel self-published by N.S. Kane. The story is written, lettered and created by N.S. Kane, with pencils and colours by Chris Pitcairn.

The story, follows Jigoku, a courtesan who has the devil himself working with her.


Jigoku is a high-class courtesan known for her alabaster skin and among the most beautiful women of the land. With her clients, she is refined, if not demanding of the people around her. She has unbridled rage only slaked by payments. Unbeknownst to people around her, a demon guides her and keeps her young and beautiful.