How To Save The World: A Beginner's Guide

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How To Save The World
Published by:24 Hour Cynic
Script by:Owen Heitmann
Pencils by:Owen Heitmann
Inks by:Owen Heitmann
Letters by:Owen Heitmann
Colours by:Owen Heitmann

How To Save The World: A Beginner's Guide is an Australian graphic novel one-shot published by 24 Hour Cynic. The series follows a group of kids amidst a local zombie invasion gone awry. The story is written and illustrated by


Chester Kennedy - average Yank. A friend to Lucas, Kate, Melvin and Stacey.

Lucas Wright - another average Yank and a best friend to Chester. Has a "dead" personality.

Kate Linn - part of the circle of friends. Likes to party. A daredevil and likes try new things as a teenager.

Melvin Burke - part of the circle of friends. A movie buff and enjoys saying random quotes in random situations. Also enjoys being politically correct.

Stacey Roberts - part of the circle of friends. Cares about her grades more than anybody else.

Mr. King - General science teacher from England. Ultra cool and the kids love him.


The story starts with Chester, Kate, Melvin and Stacey having recess. As they discuss their plans for the day, they decide to go to Kate's home after class and sleepover. The trio asks Ches about Lucas, but the lad is unresponsive. As their classes start, Mr. King does a roll call at Stacey's reminder, only to find out that people are missing from their class. As the day ends, the group goes to their homes to prepare for tonight's party.

As Chester chills at home, he receives a knock from his curtained windows, hearing that it's Lucas beckoning his bestfriend. Chester doesn't want to open the window, but accedes after a while, only to find out that his friend is dead. Lucas asks Chester to bring him to their friends and he explains his situation to everyone.

Lucas explains that he was ambushed and killed on the way to Principal Q. Sykes' office. As time went on, Lucas woke up as an undead through the work of voodoo and saw others too. The group plans to invade the school and find the voodoo source of the zombification, making sure to destroy it in the process. The friends then commandeer the VW of Kate's dad and move to the school.

As they move, they see some schoolmates like Goth Renee. Lucas also asks the others why is he getting the cold shoulder from Ches, but nobody knows why. As they reach school, they crash through the gates and separate, with Melvin and Ches scouting whilst the girls and Lucas act as lookouts. As the coast clears, the team separates again: Ches, Lucas, and Melvin try to move towards the zombie voodoo tool whilst Kate and Stacey go to the registrar and save their grades.

The boys try to fight off the horde, fighting off an American footballer, a group of thugs, and a wave of zombies. They also find Mr. King, who is currently unconscious. As they fight on, Ches and Lucas make up, only for the former to admit that he's jealous about Michelle and Lucas getting it on when the latter knew that Ches always liked Michelle. Lucas, however, tells that nothing happened, and Ches was manipulated by Michelle.

As the boys clean up the zombie wave, they reach Principal Sykes' office, only for Ches to find out that Principal Sykes is tied. Mr. King tries to ambush Ches but the former fails, getting clobbered with a stray arm by Lucas. They find the voodoo source, only for Lucas to admit that he will stop moving if they destroy the idol.

The girls are still busy checking the grades but they are about to be ambushed, until Lucas destroys the voodoo idol once and for all. As the zombies perish and Melvin ties up Mr. King, the latter reveals that he planned on controlling Chester all along because he's a Kennedy. He, however, is not related to the politicians and gives the professor a good punch.

As they release Principal Sykes, he decides to burn the entire school down to destroy the zombie evidence. The friends take the unconscious Mr. King and Lucas' body with them, walking towards the sunset.