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Affiliation:Rural Science Facility, Emmet Chotsky, Watarrka People
Alter Ego:Rufus
Creator:Darren Close

Killeroo is an Australian comic book superhero created by Darren Close who debuted in Killeroo #1 in August 2003. He is an experimental genetically modified kangaroo. He adopted the name Rufus after he escaped from the RSF facilities.


Killeroo is a full-grown genetically-modified kangaroo. He has the usual characteristics of a kangaroo, including brown fur, a long muzzle, and a tail. He is, however, more muscular than the average kangaroo, with humanoid torso, arms, and legs. He wears biker clothes, including a leather jacket, tattered shirt, pants, and bandages on his arms. He has a distinct scar over his right eye.


In a Rural Science Facility, Emmet Chotsky was tasked to create the perfect animal weapon and created a genetically-engineered kangaroo. He develops Rufus, teaching him ethics and morals whilst Mr. Blackwell teaches him how to fight and violence. As the project was discontinued, Rufus was able to escape the facility as Blackwell killed the other test subjects and Dr. Chomsky.

Rufus survives and finds Les, who takes care of him through adulthood until they were attacked by Razor and his Redbacks Biker Gang.


Rufus is generally mild and kind to his people, especially Les and the community that took care of him. Even then, he's not above his base animal instincts during a fight. When injured, he has the tendency to be quite rabid, especially when he is frustrated about the outcome of a fight. He is quite vindictive too.

Power & Abilities

Killeroo is a genetically-modified kangaroo. Since he was a child, he was taught on how to be a superior warrior.

Kangaroo Capabilities

Killeroo has all the physical skills of a kangaroo in its peak condition. He has sharp claws, a powerful tail, and superhuman leg strength that allows him to fight extensively.

Master Combatant

Killeroo is a prodigious fighter, able to kill off several enemies even when he is outnumbered. Whilst he doesn't have formal martial arts training, street-style fighting is enough to fend off his attackers and gain upper hand.

Melee Specialist

Killeroo is a master of bladed weapons, preferring to use a combat knife when he needs to fight melee.

Firearms Specialist

Killeroo is well-trained in the use of firearms and explosives, receiving his training from the RSF. He is an decent marksman, able to operate rifles like the AR-15.

Enhanced Strength

As an animal-hybrid, he is stronger than the average human. He can smash faces and break bones with ease.


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