Killeroo Scars

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Killeroo Scars
Published by:Ozone Studios
Written by:Daniel Lawson
Pencils by:Ryan Wilton
Concept/Production by:Darren Close
Cover by:Ben Templesmith

Killeroo Scars is an Australian comic book oneshot published by Ozone Studios. The series follows the origins of Rufus the Killeroo as he stumbles upon his new existence. The story is written by Daniel Lawson, illustrated by Ryan Wilton, and concepts from Darren Close.


Rufus - a half-human, half-kangaroo developed as the "perfect animal weapon".

Emmet Chotsky - scientist in charge of the project to create animal weapons in the Rural Science Facility.

Mr. Blackwell - project supervisor for the animal weapons project at the Rural Science Facility.

Les - an Aboriginal native man living with his tribe at the Watarrka National Park.

Razor - the gangleader of the Redbacks Biker Gang


This is the origin story of Killeroo, where he comes from and how he became the grizzled warrior he is today. It's a touching and heartbreaking tale, as he struggles to come to terms with who and what he is, and discovers a sense of family and belonging - and how that gets brutally ripped away from him.

In a Rural Science Facility, Emmet Chotsky was tasked to create the perfect animal weapon and created a genetically-engineered kangaroo. He develops Rufus, teaching him ethics and morals whilst Mr. Blackwell teaches him how to fight and violence. As the project was discontinued, Rufus was able to escape the facility as Blackwell killed the other test subjects and Dr. Chomsky.

Rufus survives and finds Les, who takes care of him through adulthood until they were attacked by Razor and his Redbacks Biker Gang.