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Killnowski is an R-18 comic book story by Duncan Cunningham, following the story of a hillbilly family in the swamps. The story comes from Duncan Cunningham, with the writing from Aaron Cassidy, Art by Samir Simão, and colours by Armando Jasmin Jr.


Killnowski follows the story of the hillbilly family of Ivan and his in-bred kids Hank, Bible Boy Bill and Borkit. They go out and abduct people on the streets near their swamp farm, abusing them and feeding them to the crocs. After a sudden accident, one of the family members jogs his head, realizes what they are doing and does something about it.


Ivan Killnowski - Patriarch of the family and the head of the Killnowski household.

Hank Killnowski - the half-wit. He's dumb but has unbelievable combat skills. He wields a shotgun to a great effect.

Bill Killnowski - known as Bible Boy Bill. He's a zealot but also the sodomizer.

Borkit Killnowski - mentally disabled, slow-thinking but a rabid monster and cannibal.

Sissermumma - the missing matriarch of the family.