Lieutenant Smith

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Lieutenant Smith
AffiliationThe Southern Squadron, Australian SAS
Alter Ego:Christine Smith
Creator:Dave de Vries

Lieutenant Smith is an Australian comic book superhero created by Dave de Vries. She is the leader of the Southern Squadron and had her debut in Cyclone!. Her real name is Cristine Smith.


Lt. Smith has thick, black hair that she keeps generally in a mullet throughout her work, reminiscent of her 80s roots. She wears a military-style peacoat with matching leggings.


Lt. Smith was originally a part of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SAS). She was selected as by the Australian military as the commander of the squad of super powered operatives to face unusual situations.


Lt. Smith is generally matter of fact, with a dry wit at the face of danger. She is generally responsible, following orders as needed. She is also polite but has her own initiative. She cares about her team a lot and is more than happy to be a den mother when needed.

Power & Abilities

Lt. Smith has no superpowers of her own. She is at the peak of human conditioning. She is fit enough from her military training, with peak levels of agility.

Experienced Fighter

Smith is an expert in hand to hand combat from all her years in military. She has the ability to overpower even superpowered individuals with sheer skill alone. She is a skilled acrobat in her own right.

Tactical Mastermind

Smith is a master tactician, with years of leadership and tactical ability under her belt. She can manage a varied set of personalities and make them into a cohesive unit.

Expert Marksman

Smith knows how to use almost every type of firearm available and with supreme accuracy.


  • While the members of the Southern Squadron debuted in 1983, they received a reintroduction in Cyclone #1 in 1985.