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Welcome to Comics Network Australia! We're a team of comic fans who are looking to list, catalogue, and promote Australian comic book stories, especially indie creations. This is the wiki to talk about Australian creators, their comic books, events, and the characters within them. Please feel welcome to create your own wiki entries about Australian comic books, publishers, and their creators.

There's always a comic book event in Australia, from comic conventions to small shop events. If you're looking for local comic book events in Australia, you can visit our Australian Comic Events.

We also do our best to support comic book creators by helping them get as much exposure as we can give. If you want to know more about Australian creators, you can visit our Australian Comic Creators.

We also list all the comic shops within Australia to support the local comic book scene. You can find our extensive list at out Local Comic Shops.

For those looking for the next Australian comic book they want to read, check out our reviews at Australian Comic Reviews

Some of the comic books we have listed so far:

Australian Comicbook Heroes

Australian Comicbook Villains