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Maurice Hill
Powers and Abilities:Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability
FatherRussell Hill
MotherMaurice's Mom
SiblingsMichelle Hill (Sister)
AffiliationsPawn (Band)

Maurice Hill is the protagonist of the comic book Maurice and the Metal 1. Maurice is a normal teenager who is obsessed with metal music. He eventually gets a powered walkman that gives him The Metal, which helps him deal with the bad things in his neighborhood.


Maurice is born to a middle-class family living in Chicago. His father is Russell Hill, a metalhead who worked at metal band concerts and went missing after an incident during a gig. His mother, Mrs. Hill is a typical single mother working jobs after her husband went missing.


Maurice is a lanky teenager with shoulder-length black hair. He keeps his hair unkempt, wearing it with his kutte/battle vest, black band shirt and ripped jeans. He never goes out without his walkman.


Maurice is a generally cheerful, easy-going, and laidback person. He is friendly and optimistic from the outside, trying to cheer up his friends and showing a nonchalant exterior. From the inside, Maurice likes to ponder about his world and his situation. He likes to crack jokes at inopportune times, making it easy for him to build friendships with strangers.

Maurice is close with his father due to their shared love for metal. He feels underappreciated by his mom and feels a mild level of teenage angst towards his mother. Even then, he is generally caring to the people around him.

Powers and Abilities

Maurice is a typical teenager with average strength according to his age. He is an average drummer who is not improving and likely has no future in music. Once he puts on his headphones and plays metal, he experiences the benefits of The Metal. The Metal is a special power that gives him additional powers depending on the song. As long the music is classified as metal in his head, he will get specific powers depending on the song.

Enhanced Strength

Maurice gains enhanced strength when he listens to metal music through his headphones. His enhanced strength varies from song to song. Most of the songs give him strength enough to fight a group of men, straighten thick metal bars and even rip off car doors.

Enhanced Durability

Maurice does not gain enhanced durability with most songs. He is susceptible to blows from others. Once he starts listening to Iron Man of Black Sabbath, he increases his durability. Maurice can tank punches without feeling pain or getting damage.