Maurice and the Metal 1

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The Disposable Hero
Maurice and the Metal 1.png
Story by:Aaron Sammut
Art by:Jesse Hamm

Maurice and the Metal 1 is the first issue of Maurice and the Metal. The story is written by Aaron Sammut and drawn by Jesse Hamm. The title of the issue is Disposable Hero.


The story starts in the Chicago International Amphitheatre, dated 1 October 1980. Verge and Russell are setting up the stage for a concert for Black & Blue. Verge complains to Russell about the job they're doing, and the latter questions the former's motivation for doing the job. Russell is dedicated to making sure that the soundstage is better than anywhere else, and he's optimistic they can do it. Russell calls him "Verge", much to the latter's chagrin.

As they test the mixing desk, they happily set up the cables to prepare for the test. As they start up the devices, a short circuit happens and Russell pushes Verge away. A burst of light consumes the former and he disappears.

In a rehearsal room, a band jams and practices their music. Maurice, Log, Kevin, and Daniel are practicing their music, calling their band "Pawn". As they finish practice, they realize that they're not getting better. Maurice then excuses himself, going home and moving around a city block where everyone predates on each other.

As he reaches a few blocks before his home, a group of people stops him and tries to block him off. He mistakes them for pickpockets, but the assure him they don't need his money. He shows what little he has, and the gang decides they want his cymbals.

He refuses, and gets attacked by the gang. They succeed in attacking him, taking away his cymbals and pawning it off. Maurice continues to be on his way, but he had no power to stop what was happening around him.

As he reaches home, his mother berates him further for listening to metal and wasting his time with his band. As they argue, his mother takes away his walkman and headphones, throwing it into a wet sink. Maurice rescues it and something happens with the walkman itself.

As he tries to go upstairs, he tries the walkman if it works. the walkman glows up, showing some electricity in the process. The walkman works, and he's ecstatic about it. Maurice is still upset about the night, so he flat out punches his sister's door with a Madison poster.

The door shatters and crashes below his fist. He also experiences sudden headaches from hearing his sister's music too loud. As his mother and sister asks him to explain, Maurice thrashes his sister's radio, destroying it in the process.

As Maurice fails to control his strength, he apologizes and closes the door, destroying the knob in the process. As he tries to see what's happening, a voice calls to Maurice on his headphones. As he tries to figure out what's happening, Maurice gets surprised, accidentally throwing away the walkman.

Next Chapter: Maurice and the Metal 2