Molo The Mighty

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Molo The Mighty
Affiliation:O.G.R.E, Zotian
Alter Ego:None
Creator:Gary Chaloner

Molo The Mighty is an Australian comic book villain created by Gary Chaloner. He is a member of the O.G.R.E and a part of the Zotian race. He had his debut in Cyclone!. He has no alter ego.


Molo is a big, burly man with a highly pronounced chin. He wears a black body suit with hood and an alien belt. His arms also have bands that emphasise his musculature.


Molo came from the planet Zotian to assist his cousin, Feral. Even then, his effort is begrudging, wanting to attack Feral instead.


Molo is generally dim-witted but does as he's instructed a lot of times. He can be easy to manipulate.

Power & Abilities

Enhanced Strength

Molo has super strength, able to punch Jackaroo and stagger him with a single blow. While he is super strong, he is still vulnerable to attacks like tranq darts.


  • Molo the Mighty originally came out as a Golden Age hero but this iteration is different than the Golden Age hero.