Mythic Creature Trainer 1

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Mythic Creature Trainer 1
Mythic Creature Trainer 1.png
Story by:Rene Pfitzner
Art by:Rene Pfitzner

Mythic Creature Trainer 1 is the first chapter of Mythic Creature Trainer. The story is written and drawn by Rene Pfitzner.


The story starts with Ulrick suddenly waking up, about to get late. He rides Griff, saying his farewell to Felka on the way. As he reaches town, his friend Garth greets him, teasing him about his work in the stables.

As soon as he reaches the castle, he discusses with Griff the rules, chief among them being "No Civilians Allowed in Royal Airspace". Ulrick sends Griff away and rushes to the stables. He apologises to Kevin, who asks him to come to the stables for a different animal. Suddenly, a blue creature pops up.

Kevin puts a leash on the blue creature, saying it's out of control. Ulrick tries to tame it, putting his hand and trying to connect with it. He was able to tame it, so he tried riding it to help it manifest its powers. Both ride throughout the castle and the creature jumps to a cliff.

They then discover that the baby creature's power is flight, only for Ulrick to realise he was daydreaming. He was still freefalling when the creature burst out a great big flame to stop their descent. As they land gently, the dragon jumps straight up and back to the cliff.

Kevin is waiting, and Ulrick reports that the dragon has blast breath and a big bounder. The former scolds him, saying that magical creatures are rare and hard-won. Kevin assigns him to a different program called the "Dragon Program".

Ulrick is tasked to take care of a baby dragon and give it his full attention. He is also asked to take care not to trigger the mother. Kevin reports that the baby dragon has a fever and tasks him to make a healing potion the next day.

Ulrick comes home and starts trying to solve his conundrum. He asks Felka to help him with it, and she tries to do half the work until it's time to go. Ulrick starts crafting the potion, making the herbs and cooking the formula. By the end of the night, he was able to create a vial of dragon potion.

The next day, Ulrick starts early and heads to town on foot when he sees a commotion. He checks in and he sees Garth and some soldiers. The latter is accused of stealing jam, but with no evidence to it, he's freed.

Garth produces the jam when nobody is around, removing them from the horse's watering trough. Ulrick scolds him and calls him hopeless. He goes straight to the palace, now late for work. At the stables, Ulrick tries to explain himself but Kevin asks him to finish the task instead.

Inside the dragon's nest, Ulrick gives the potion but it makes the baby dragon sicker. The mother dragon is ready to blast Ulrick when Kevin comes in, worried that the former might have accidentally poisoned the baby dragon. Kevin fires him on the spot, where they also discover that he accidentally gave a mutagen potion rather than medicine.

Ulrick runs off home, telling Meg and Felka what happened. Felka is unmoved, asking him what will he do with his share of the rent now that he has no job. Ulrick resigns himself to being a builder, planning to work for his father.

As night falls, an elder orc and Kevin are discussing what happened. Kevin sabotaged it, with the mutagen making the baby dragon more susceptible to the elder orc commands. They go to the baby dragon, now with crustacean legs and crab claws.

The elder orc says it's perfect and trains it complex commands like hunting small prey. The baby dragon succeeds, but Kevin asks for his first payment. Sprag and Kevin disagree, with the former calling him a traitor. Without their knowledge, Garth was listening in.