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Affiliation:The Southern Squadron, Australian Army
Alter Ego:Adam West
Creator:David De Vries, Gary Chaloner

Nightfighter is an Australian comic book superhero created by David De Vries and Gary Chaloner. He is a member of the Southern Squadron and had his debut in Cyclone!. His real name is Adam West.


Nightfighter has thick, black hair slicked back, with a single curlicue strand of hair on his forehead. He is of shorter stature, with a wide, muscular physique. He also has a strong jawline with a cleft chin. As Nightfighter, he wears a green hood connected with green/yellow tights.


Adam Smith, for a massive fee, agreed to become a guinea pig for the Australian military's Super Soldier Program, injecting a chemical known as RG-7. All the humans who became test subject went insane or died, but Adam had a rare blood condition that allowed the serum to bond onto his body.


Nightfighter is a generally short-tempered, rageful man who has a legendary contempt for authority. He is passionate about cricket and gets angry when Melbourne loses. When in combat, he shouts "Hold onto your brain cells" when activating his powers. He is also known to be a hardcore party rat.

Power & Abilities

RG-7 Augmentation

Nightfighter activates his powers through the release of adrenaline into his system. Once his adrenaline pumps, the serum RG-7 pumps on his bloodstream too, increasing his strength, agility, and stamina tenfold. He can even push even further than these limits depending on his rage levels.

Expert Fighter

Nightfighter is an expert in hand to hand combat, especially in unarmed combat. He has a direct, smashmouth style that lets him pound enemies into submission.


  • While the members of the Southern Squadron debuted in 1983, they received a reintroduction in Cyclone #1 in 1985.