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Alignment:Cosmic Entity, Hero (Formerly)
Affiliation:The Rock, Forge, Lord Baeli
Alter Ego:Astria Blaque
Creator:Bodine Amerikah

Niteside was an Australian comic book superhero created by Bodine Amerikah who debuted in Niteside & the Rock #1 in 1987. She was originally a runaway with her then lover, Rickard, who encountered mystic forces who gave them powers. Her real name is Astria Blaque.


Astria is a raven haired girl with a slender physique and shapely figure. As Niteside, she wears a pure black lingerie-style bikini supersuit with thigh-high boots. Over the years, she grew her hair longer and longer.


Rickard and Astria were a couple deeply in love. In 1984 they ran away from home so they could be together, planning to set up new lives in Perth. However at an oasis on the road to that city, they encountered a mysterious woman, Lilith, who somehow granted them both incredible powers. Astria gained powers of darkness and the name Niteside, while Rickard became a living statue, the Rock. Lilith told the couple to use these powers to help mankind.


Astria is bull-headed and strong who fully embraced her powers upon receiving it. She used to have a strong sense of justice, asking her boyfriend Rickard to become superheroes. After an incident that killed thousands due to their decisions, she started growing callous and inhuman, distant from normal humans.

Power & Abilities

Darkness Constructs

Niteside can manipulate darkness to her will, able to shoot bolts of darkness that can incapacitate or blind her enemies. She can also form darkness into tendrils, tentacles, and more.


Her ability seems to allow her to fly both within the Earth's atmosphere and well outside of it. She eventually was able to traverse interstellar space as her powers grew.

Extreme Regeneration

Niteside can heal almost any injury instantaneously, likely even grow missing limbs.

Exponential Growth

Over the years, Niteside's powers grew stronger but it made her more distant to humanity as she is unable to relate with their problems. She eventually grew so powerful that she became bigger than the Earth itself, where she then decided to become a cosmic force.