Niteside and the Rock 1

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Niteside and the Rock #1
Published by:Fly By Night Graphics
Written by:Bodine Amerikah
Pencils by:Bodine Amerikah
Inks by:Bodine Amerikah
Cover by:Bodine Amerikah

Niteside and the Rock 1 is an Australian comic book oneshot published by Fly By Night Graphics. The series follows two superheroes, Niteside and Rock, as they become public heroes in Australia. The story is written and drawn by Bodine Amerikah.


Niteside - a female human originally known as Astria Blaque who can manipulate darkness and fly. She is the lover of The Rock

The Rock - a male human originally known as Rickard who can manipulate control the earth and has super strength. He is the lover of Niteside.

Technocrat - a female human originally known as Annastasia Legonikoski. She can control technology and is a fellow superhero.


Rickard and Astria were a couple deeply in love. In 1984 they ran away from home so they could be together, planning to set up new lives in Perth. However at an oasis on the road to that city, they encountered a mysterious woman, Lilith, who somehow granted them both incredible powers. Astria gained powers of darkness and the name Niteside, while Rickard became a living statue, the Rock. Lilith told the couple to use these powers to help mankind.

At Astria's insistence, the two decided to become superheroes. They became public darlings, and allied themselves with other heroes, in particular Forge, a young girl able to control machinery. For five years they helped humanity, without ever encountering a genuine supervillain.