Plan B Chapter 1

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Plan B Chapter 1
Story by:Stuart Black
Script by:Stuart Black
Pencils by:Stuart Black
Inks by:Stuart Black
Colours by:Stuart Black
Cover by:Stuart Black

Plan B Chapter 1 is the premiere issue of Plan B, an Australian indie comic book published by Furious Monkeyfist Productions. The story is written, drawn, and coloured by Stuart Black. The story follows the Four Horsemen, a ragtag team of misfits.


Stuart "Ninja" Black - The leader of the Four Horsemen. All around ninja with accelerated healing and injury transfer.

Anthony "Bulk" Malone - cigar chomping arsehole and former villain. Has enhanced strength and durability.

Sebastian "Primevil" Torres - smartass with impenetrable skin and physical wings.

Scott "Melt" Barclay - team rookie with ocular energy blast.


The Plan B team are in Yamantau, Russia in an infiltration mission. Devastator/Bulk sold off the team but it was a ruse. They attack the military base, pushing their way against a horde of soldiers. During this time, they also argue the best team name for themselves.