Rise of the Talking Bread

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Rise of the Talking Bread
Story by:Kieran Jack
Art by:Kelly Coleman
Lettering by:Kieran Jack

Rise of the Talking Bread is a special chapter for The Talking Bread. The story is written and lettered by Kieran Jack and illustrated by Kelly Coleman. This acts as a collection of short stories for the comic book.


Death From Above

Story and Lettering by: Kieran Jack

Artwork by: Kelly Coleman

Masterbaker tries to whip up a new batch of bread and decides to make sliced bread next. He then decides to give off the rejected bread to the caged pigeons, not knowing that they're alive.

Raising of the Rejects

Story by: Bradley Aden

Artwork and Lettering by: Logan French

The Masterbaker announces that people will finally recognize him. He summons his assistant, Warlock, and shows off his new creations, including a glazed doughnut, a gingerbread man, a lamington, a yoyo biscuit, and a cupcake. Warlock, however, new that these are not new creations but instead exist as common pastries in other bakeries. Masterbaker then commands Warlock to throw away his creations and Warlock throws then into the skip.

Nightmare in Cheese

Story by: Kieran Jack

Artwork and Lettering by: Kieran Jack

The Masterbaker looks outside but shows anger upon seeing a pizzeria. As he rants, he goes into the pizzeria to sabotage it, bringing with him his secret sauce. He visits the pizzeria with Warlock and meets Papa Supremo. As Warlock adds worms on his slice to make a distraction, Masterbaker tries to go into the kitchen. Papa Supremo knows his modus operandi and made living bread himself to attack Masterbaker. The living cheese combined with secret sauce he brought, which created the bigger, meaner Cheese Supreme.

The Cheese Supreme was unstable and exploded. Warlock then checks on a sleeping Masterbaker, who says everything is a nightmare.

Baking News

Story by: Lucas Wittingslow

Artwork by: Matt Kyme

Lettering by: Graham Jackson

A woman is on the prowl and sees Warlock throwing something in the trash. As she's about to take a picture, Warlock notices her but excuses herself. She spies the bakery but notices The Rejects inside the skip. She runs away spooked, and tries to look for a different entrance. She sees an altercation between the Talking Bread and the pigeons. As a bird eats the bread, it explodes and she gets a news story.

Just Dessert

Story by: Tim Stiles

Artwork and Lettering by: Ben Mitchell

Masterbaker reminisces his time when he was starting out. He dedicated himself to baking bread because he fell in love with another baker, Sandra. He met Warlock during his apprenticeship, who had interests in the occult. He became a qualified baker after a while but the bakery where Sandra caught fire. With his love dead, he started burying himself with baking books and Warlock's tomes. He started to try and make a breakthrough.

He started creating weapons, from the Incredible 4-slice Waffleman to the Incredible Industrial Sandwich Press. He then tones down the size of his weapon, creating the Atomic Toaster.

Baked Not Burnt

Story by: Matt Kyme

Artwork and Lettering by: Pauldo Taylor

Two pigeons are chatting when an explosion happens below them. As they exchange egg puns, Masterbaker comes out of the smoke, commanding Warlock to clear the smoke. They try to channel electricity into something, creating more smoke. They create Talking Bread, but tosses the entire loaf out the window.

The Reanimation of Queen P

Story by: James Gilarte

Artwork and Lettering by: Angie Spice

In a dark night, Masterbaker is ranting against the talking bread slices. To show his competence, he pulls a lever to channel lightning to a bird corpse. It shows that Queen P, the queen of the pigeons, is now alive. Far away, the Talking Bread get an ominous feeling.

It Came From The Bakery

Story by: Kieran Jack

Artwork and Lettering by: Kieran Jack

A small piece of Softy the talking bread goes into a vat. The vat gets electrified, which then becomes the Killer Mould.