Rose Collection Volume 1

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Rose Collection Volume 1
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Story by:Cameron Davis
Art by:Cameron Davis

Rose Collection Volume 1 is the first volume of the slice of life story Rose. The story is written and drawn by Cameron Davis and is an anthology of different phases of Rose's life.

Issues Summary

Rose Moves In

The story starts with Rose moving into her new apartment in the city. As she moves her boxes, her someone knocks on the door. Her new neighbors introduce themselves as they just came through the hallway. They discover that Rose is of Irish descent, moving to Australia for the time being. She then asks who is the funny one, alluding to the sitcoms she watched. Around the same time, her best friend Dani comes in, trying to be cordial with the neighbors. Rose then starts binging on the groceries that Joey, the younger man, brought with him. Joey was too late and Rose started chomping on the food.

The older man sarcastically offered their other groceries, only for Rose to thickly accept it. The guys hurriedly go out, only for Rose to naively believe that the food is for them.

Rose Goes to the Shops

The story starts with a young Rose and her grandpa on the way to the shops. Rose volunteers to push the trolley and was given the responsibility. Her grandpa reminded her that the purse is in the trolley, so she shouldn't lose it. As her grandpa moves away for a bit, Rose gets distracted and loses the trolley. As Rose panics, she sees her grandpa with the trolley, apparently teasing her. She then begrudgingly jokes with her grandpa, saying she's developing serious trust issues.

Rose Loves Chickens

Rose just finished her class when her friend, Ber offers her chicken-flavored crisps. Ber then tells Rose that they have their own chickens, which makes the lass ecstatic and ask if she can see them. As they visit the chicken coop, Rose starts petting the animals. Ber moves out for a bit, accidentally locking the coop door for a bit. The chickens start attacking Rose and she gets into a losing battle with them. As Bernadette comes back with cake, she opens the door to find a downtrodden Rose.

From that point forward, Rose swore revenge on every chicken ever. The story cuts to Rose and another friend eating chicken burgers, with the friend asking why she tells her that story every time they eat chicken burgers.

Rose Has Ice Cream

Rose buys a 12-pack ice cream, which she swears she will share. She then goes on throughout her day, carrying an ice cream in hand with every activity. She then decides to leave the last ice cream because she doesn't want to be greedy.

Rose Tastes Hula Hoops

Rose is seen eating Hula Hoop crisps and complains about their weird taste. She keeps eating them, wondering if there's another pack somewhere.

Rose Confesses Her Sins

Rose visits a confessional and the priest, knowing who she is, asks what her sin is. Rose goes on a continuous, tiring tirade and kept talking. The priest, tired of her blabbermouth, kicked her out of the confessional.

Rose Drops Nail Polish

Rose is late to work and her boss Geoff asks why. She then talks about having the worst morning ever. She started her day complaining about going to work when she accidentally drops her nail polish on the toilet and spills it all over. She tries to clean it but to no avail. Geoff asks what is the deal with spilling orange nail polish, only for her to say that she doesn't want people thinking she poops orange. She also complains about her nails, which makes her sad and declares a five-hour lunch.

Rose Rides an Elephant

Rose and Nessa are in Bali, riding an elephant. Nessa then gets the idea of wanting to adopt an elephant and all the silly ways they'll use it. They ask the caretaker what are elephants afraid of, which the caretaker answers with loud noise and dogs. Suddenly, a dog shows up and thunder cracks, creating a loud noise that prompts the dog to panic. Nessa falls off the elephant while Rose is stuck with the elephant. As Rose panics, she tries to get to her happy place. Rose and the elephant fall off a waterfall. Both survive, with Rose getting off on a broken leg and arm.

Even up to the time she comes back from Bali, she's still in her happy place. Once she started going to work, she snaps, confusing Geoff.

Rose Gets a Drink

Rose just finished her yoga when someone in a car throws a drink, hitting her in the face. Rose complains to her friend Nessa, who consoles her but internally finds it hilarious.

Rose Declines A Brownie

Nessa offers brownies to Rose, but she declines. As Nessa goes into the toilet, Rose binges on all the brownies, much to Nessa's chagrin.

Rose Visits Gran

Rose and her grandpa go to the care home where her grandma is. Her grandpa reminds her to be polite to everyone, especially now that her grandma looks different and weak. She doesn't listen and, as they come in, she rudely calls her grandma all shriveled up. Her grandpa reminds her that it's not her grandma, but rather Mrs. O'Connor. They then go to her grandma on the hallway and she hugs her tightly.

Rose Enjoys Christmas

Bern tells Rose that Santa is not real and tells her not to tell anyone, otherwise she'll thump her parents. Rose opens her presents with Bern at the windows, staring menacingly.

Rose Has Three-In-One

Rose tells her mom that she doesn't feel hungry. When her mother says she likely won't want dessert, she backs up and says she didn't mean "that."

Rose Worries About the Future

Rose tries to eat as many chips in a party. As her dad tries stop her, saying the chips won't run out, she worries that the chips will run out.

Rose Needs Potatoes

Rose flies back to Ireland, wanting to eat some potatoes. She claims she and Irish spuds are meant to be.

Rose Gets a Pony

Rose prays one night to get a pony. She wakes up the next day to find one for her, only to pray for another.

Rose Sniffs a Cake

Rose wanted some cake, but her mother said she can't have any. She then proceeds to sniff the cake, but now her mother says she sniffed out all the flavour.

Rose Takes Holiday Photos

Rose goes on a holiday around the world and shows off her holiday photos, only to have food in them. Rose says she got the most important bits of the holiday.

Mary Loses Her Doodah

Rose greets Mary on her first day to school, wanting to show off the canteen. She removes Mary's pacifier, but the latter throws a tantrum, wanting her doodah. She tries to say it's for her own good, but Mary's mother tells to give it back or no breakfast for both.

She looks around the house to look for it, only to find out that their dog, Kimmi, has it. She takes it away and gives it back to her sister, unwashed with all the dog spit. As Mary sucks on the pacifier, Rose keeps avoiding her sister. Years later, Mary berates her for it.

Rose Samples A Buffet

Rose goes to an all you can eat buffet, only to come out later and try to take the food out. Security stops her on her tracks, but she complains that the buffet never said "when" to eat it.

Rose Asks Big Questions

Rose is sad and her mother sees her sulking. As her mother tries to console her and find out what's bothering her, Rose reveals that she doesn't know if a hotdog is a sandwich.

Rose Makes A Joke

Rose thinks of a joke, saying "Wrap battle" and claims her dad doesn't get her.

Rose Makes Chocolate

Her mom asks Rose if she wants chocolate-covered nuts. She claims she doesn't like chocolate mixed with things, but lists exceptions all day long.

Rose Visits The Past

Young Rose drinks seven juice boxes in an hour. Older Rose visits her from the future. While she says she needs to talk about the future. She warns her younger self to not lose her Molly Moppet because it will cost a fortune in the future.

They discuss the future together, with older Rose saying she hates her life. Older Rose goes away, accidentally bringing the Molly Moppet and she creates a paradox.

Rose Has An Allergy

Rose comes in their condo and finds Nessa on the couch. The doctor said she's allergic to "snozzberries." She keeps complaining, until she realizes the doctor said strawberries. Nessa sees her eating a bowl of strawberries and a milkshake.

Rose Ruins A Date

A couple goes in to have a date, only to unfortunately have Rose as their front of the house. She gives terrible service, interrupting the couple throughout the night.

Rose Suffers An Injury

Rose wakes up in the middle of the night and sees the unwashed dishes. She looks for glass under the knives and injures herself with a paper cut. She overreacts, waking up Dani in the process. She then calls the "rescue response team", which is a delivery of pizza.

Rose Plays Football

Rose walks with Nessa one day and talks about wars. She asks why can't people get along. She then sees girls playing footie and both get invited into the game. As they play, the girls accidentally kick the ball towards a window. Everyone leaves but Rose gets left behind. Only she gets caught and gets tasked to clean the yard.

Rose Has A Busy Schedule

Rose goofs off at work, watching videos without doing anything. Geoff, her boss, asks her to do a report, but she says she's busy. Geoff blasts her off, so she finishes the report in time.

Rose Gets A Job Interview

Rose goes on her first job interview, showing off a toxic Geoff before she started working for him. She's doing so bad at the job, admitting she has no work skills and she's basically an idiot (Spoilers: she is). She says all she wants is to bring cupcakes and dawdle around in the office.

Geoff asks what type of cupcakes, and eventually gives her the job for the heck of it.

Nessa gets A Text Message

Nessa is about to go out for a run when she gets a string of texts from Rose. The texts are incessant and she starts to panic, only to find out Rose is loafing around.

Rose Likes Reading

Rose wakes up early to get some reading done. Dani finds her and starts discussing books with her, but she tells that she's reading a menu for Korean BBQ.

Rose Visits Italy

Rose travels to Italy and goes around famous tourist spots. She tells she finally found what makes Italy so special: the pistachio gelato.

Nessa Enters the Big Race

Nessa is tired of running, but she strikes her best pose for the camera.

Rose Mourns a Loved One

Rose tells Geoff that she can't go to work that day because she's mourning. When Geoff asks who died, she admits that her favourite burger stand closed down. Geoff is furious.

Rose Takes Her Driving Test

Rose goes out to the local DMV to take a driving test. She annoys everyone in line and even densely talks to the old lady in the counter. During the test, she doesn't follow any of the instructions and even goes to a burger stand.

Rose Learns About Generosity

Rose and her family go to the ice cream shop. Each get an ice cream, but Mary accidentally drops her ice cream. She tries to stop Mary from crying but to no avail. She gives her sister her own ice cream and her mom sees what she did. Her mom bought her a bigger ice cream.

Rose Does Yoga

Rose is late into Miss Jenny's Yoga and wonders why she never knew they moved out. Rose keeps talking but Jenny berates her and starts the class. The class goes on for one hour, with Rose worried if she can push through since she had beans for breakfast.

She keeps interrupting the entire class until Jenny cancels the entire class. She goes out and sees a stall for superfoods, getting so much free samples.

Rose Gets Christmas Presents

it's Christmas and she sees Ber on the street. They share to each other what they got, and Rose notes she got what she's asked for ages: a pack of almond biscuits. Everyone got Gameboys.

Rose Attends A Funeral

Geoff asks her to fax a document but she asks him sarcastically how old he is and what funeral will he have. Geoff answers that he'll have a funeral with lots of people, Scottish bagpipes players, drinks, food, and bouncy castles. He also says Rose will overreact.

Years later, Geoff dies and Rose is upset. She isn't upset that Geoff is dead, but rather that there isn't buffet.

Nan Goes on Holiday

Rose sees her grandma packing for a vacation to London. The latter mentions that she'll be visiting a chocolate factory. Rose feigns concern for the old lady, but also gives her a shopping list.

Danielle Hosts a Dinner Party

Rose gets home and relishes the rest she can get after work, doing absolutely nothing. Dani asks her what she's doing, telling that there's going to be a dinner party in an hour. She and Dani preps the house for the party, winging it as they go by.

Guests come with wine and everyone starts eating and drinking. Everyone starts discussing life and once it ends, Dani starts bagging out her guests afterward. Rose tries to berate Dani but to no avail. They then spend the night eating and watching TV.

Rose Sends A Care Package

Rose shops to fill up a care package for her mum. She fills them with food but eventually eats everything herself, sending only an empty box.

Rose Thinks A Lot

Rose keeps thinking about food all day - as soon as she wakes up, while brushing teeth, while eating, while walking, while working, and even while buying the food she's craving. She keeps daydreaming about food and when her mom asks why she sounds distracted, she notes she has a lot on her mind.

Rose Attends A Trivia Contest

Rose interrupts Geoff, telling that she was betrayed. Rose joined a trivia night and was confident about it because Geoff kept telling her random facts. Unbeknownst to her, Geoff was giving BS information and she made a fool of herself. Geoff notes that he's not used to people listening to him.

Rose Gets Some Therapy

Rose visits a therapist named Ms. Betty. They discuss her intense feelings about food and talks about potential trauma she experienced. We learn that Rose fell from her pony, and notes that she broke her chip eating hand.

Rose keeps meandering about the topics they're trying to discuss and keeps talking about food. They eventually go to a restaurant and Betty gives up on the topic.

Rose Helps Nan With Errands

Rose is playing around with their shopping basket going home with her Nan, pretending to be a racer. As she speeds off, she goes too fast and smashes off-panel. She comes back, broken shopping basket at hand, asking if there's a shopping basket pit crew.

She keeps bugging her nan throughout their time out, going into post boxes to "go around the world". She then learns where meat comes from and annoys her nan. They then come back home, with her nan giving back her granddaughter angrily to her daughter.

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