Schism 1

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Schism Chapter 1
Story by:Mark Abnett
Art by:Chris Connelly
Colours by:Dom Regan
Lettering by:Rob Jones

Schism Chapter 1 is the first issue of Schism, a NZ comic book published by Aroha Comics. The story is written by Mark Abnett, drawn by Chris Connelly, colours by Dom Regan, and lettering by Rob Jones.


The story starts in an Earth where its resources are tapped out, with two colony ships escaping from the planet and a third that crashed the Moon. As the Moon died much of the Earth's landscape changed, which resulted in the Schism.


Beyond the walls of Olot, a cybernetic bear is attacking a latina girl in a broken hazard suit. As they fight, the beast falls, with the lady dying with it. As she starts to fade, two uniformed people check up on her. They take her in their vehicle, while another person checks for more victims. In a church-like structure, the vehicle comes to a hospital and the people carry the woman inside, doing emergency operations on her.

In Barcelona Year 2055, a family is having dinner at their home. As they joke about dinner, a sudden explosion resonates outside, setting their home on fire. The family tries to survive, and seemed to have perished.

In Olot 2070, Adriana Solara-Hunter wakes up in the middle of the night and Mateo Hunter is annoyed with the interruption. He reaches for a syringe and takes it, and now Adriana is able to sleep. The next day, Mateo tries to instruct Adriana on what she should do for the day, arguing about the upcoming Union Ball. Mateo is also annoyed about footing the bills for Adriana's brother.

In the barracks of Mur Sud, a security team is trying to formulate a security detail for the city. Adriana questions where the men are, but she gets a blaring headache during the meeting. They are dismissed, ordered to go on border recon with Sofia Perez.

At the Southern Medical Centre Border Fringe, a freshly operated Adriana asks how much Coenzyme Q10 can someone take, with the doctor noting it's five and she already knew that. Adriana asks for other potential careers available, but the doctor dismisses her concerns, linking it back to the assurance that her brother is cared for.

In the third ring, Sofia and Adriana are walking around, only to be ambushed by three super mutants. As Adriana dispatches them, she sees her partner sprawled on the ground. Later that night at the Union Ball, Mateo and Adriana silently argue, with Mateo disapproving of Adriana's wardrobe and berating her for keeping her "vegetable of a brother" alive. As they were about to argue further, the event gets cancelled and had all defense personnel summoned to the barracks.

Eight hours later, Adriana remembers everything that has happened so far, from her near-death experience to Mateo inoculating her, their captain being unwilling to use men as border patrol, and Mateo complaining about John not moving for 15 years.

As her life flashes, two men try to talk to each other as they haul a vat of liquid that contains a woman inside towards a warehouse. As they stow her, she wakes up and opens her eyes.