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Affiliation:The A-Men
Alter Ego:Unknown
Creator:David De Vries, Gary Chaloner

Slasher is an Australian comic book superhero created by David De Vries and Gary Chaloner. He is a member of the A-Men, a superhero team based in the USA who are looking for a new home country. He had his debut in Cyclone! Australia Presents: The Southern Squadron #9. His real name is unknown.


Slasher is a tall, lanky man with long hair. His other alias, The Bionic Sioux Chieftain, implies he is of Native American Sioux descent. He wears a two-feathered war bonnet and military pea coat. When fighting, he has cybernetic implants on his eyes, right chest, and arms. He also wields sharp, elongated nails on his left hand.


Slasher is a member of the A-Men. During a trip to Sydney he encountered the Southern Cross and The Dingo. When the A-Men decided to relocate to the outback, he came with his team, feeling they were unloved in their homeland. The Southern Squadron was sent to deal with this abuse of immigration laws, and after a battle convinced the A-Men to try New Zealand instead.


Slasher is initially silent and reserved, but is quite feral in combat. He spells out words in military letters first before shouting what he plans to do.

Power & Abilities

Slasher is a member of the A-Men, a team of superheroes based in America. She has the full backing of her teammates, many of whom have access to a myriad of powers.

Expert Fighter

Slasher is a great fighter, able to initially overpower a highly-trained Lieutenant Smith. He is quite agile too but takes time to decide on his next move.

Bionic Body

Slasher is a Cyborg 37 Mark IV, noted by Lt. Smith as a primitive model. Even then, his body is full of cybernetic implants. He uses sharp nails on his left hand to slash his enemies. He can also live after decapitation, allowing his body to be repaired as long as his head is intact.