Sneaky Goblins at College

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Sneaky Goblins at College
Sneaky Goblins at College.png
Story by:Rene Pfitzner
Art by:Jake Kalsbeek

Sneaky Goblins at College is an Australian comic book by Rene Pfitzner. The story is written and drawn by Rene Pfitzner. It is an anthology collection for three stories: Goblins at College, Bog the Orc, and Stop the Dragon!. Sneaky Goblins at College acts as the prequel for Sneaky Goblins.


Tuesday afternoon at Filtch's School for Assassins, a student named Dank was drawing doodles on his book. The professor asks him if he's paying attention, commanding him to demonstrate how to make a poison. He tries, with help from his friend, but he failed at it.

As the class goes to lunch, Dank talks to a friend arguing about tabletop RPG. Sophie, the friend who tried to help him earlier, approaches Dank for lunch. At the Dining Hall, Sophie and Dank discuss family. Dank's father doesn't know he's failing because he's uninterested.

Dank asks Sophie if she can help him, and this gets Sophie fired up. They start going to the library, learning together and improving on Dank's grades. Four weeks later, Dank is now confident, but he's wondering why they're out in the open field.

Their new teacher, Mr. Spore, welcomes them to physical combat. Dank is not happy, seeing the treacherous future ahead.

Bog the Orc

A talent contest showed off a goblin woman, Thrag, receiving wide regard. The next talent demonstration is Bog, who carries a ukulele and sings about hunting humans. The audience loves him, only for him to wake up and realise he was dreaming. Bog was woken up by a supervisor, pushing him to keep working.

The other orcs laugh at him for being weird and liking singing, with everyone at work ribbing him. Later, the raiding party got back with humans in cages. Later that night, the council is judging him. He's punished to guard the human prisoners, otherwise he'll be given 50 lashes for breakfast.

As he guards the prisoners, he goes into a heated conversation, with the humans saying they're terrified of orcs even if they drove them out of their lands. As the argument rises, the humans hypnotise and daze Bog, escaping in the process.

As Bog comes to, they almost finished escaping when he catches one of them. The humans confuse him further, asking what brutalities he will do. He tries to reason out that they're civilised, only to be taken advantage of. All the humans escape and the entire orc village finds out.

The tribal leader punishes Bog, banishing him from the village. He accepts it, saying now he has more time to practise his ukulele.