Southern Cross

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Southern Cross
Southern Cross.png
Affiliation:The Southern Squadron
Alter Ego:Bertram Davis
Creator:Dave de Vries

Southern Cross is an Australian comic book superhero created by Dave de Vries. He is a member of the Southern Squadron and had his debut in Cyclone!. His real name is Bertram Davis.


Southern Cross is a tall, lanky, and long-haired man known for his generally soft physical characteristics. As "Bert", he wears fashion-forward clothing and different shades and goggles. As Southern Cross, he wears a blue body suit with a white St. George's Cross with a blue eight-point star on his chest. He also carries his power cane with him at all times.


Bertram Davis is born with latent telekinetic abilities. The Australian military discovered his powers and helped him harness it better, receiving an implant that increased his telekinetic abilities exponentially, together with a power cane that focused his powers.


Southern Cross is kind, polite, and gentlemanly in character. He doesn't mind being friends with everyone but he has his own moral limits, not minding giving allies minor punishments. Even then, he's always willing to work with everyone and likes relaxing when he can. He has a tendency to bumble around, especially when his cane is out of access. He can be vain and metrosexual, openly obsessing over vanities like grooming, perfume, and clothes.

Power & Abilities

Southern Cross has telekinetic abilities that give him various advantages. His physical conditioning is that of a normal, fit human. He is a fashion designer by trade and has great social skills, especially when compared to other heroes.


Southern Cross is a low-level telekinetic who can move small objects and items less than 5kg without his power cane. With his power cane, he can use his telekinesis more consistently. With the augmentation he received from the government, his upper limit goes away, able to carry train cars and bridges. Use of his telekinesis, however, drains him of his bio-energy, making him go hungry faster.

Psionic Field

Southern Cross can raise a psionic field that protects him from projectile attacks and melee hits.


When in full-power, the Southern Cross can fly in high-speeds and takes only a few moments to travel between Bronte Beach and Queensland.


  • While the members of the Southern Squadron debuted in 1983, they received a reintroduction in Cyclone #1 in 1985.
  • The number of star points in Southern Cross' chest varies from print to print, going between 7 to 8