Stormy Weather

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Stormy Weather
Stormy weather.png
Affiliation:The A-Men
Alter Ego:Unknown
Creator:David De Vries, Gary Chaloner

Stormy Weather is an Australian comic book superhero created by David De Vries and Gary Chaloner. she is a member of the A-Men, a superhero team based in the USA who are looking for a new home country. She had her debut in Cyclone! Australia Presents: The Southern Squadron #9. Her real name is unknown.


Stormy Weather is chubby woman of African-American descent. She has black, curly hair with a large feather headband and a large black cloak. Underneath, she wears a bikini-style supersuit reminiscent of Vegas showgirls.


Stormy Weather is a member of the A-Men. During a trip to Sydney she encountered the Southern Cross and The Dingo, and she was immediately insulted by latter and Nightfighter. The A-Men decided to relocate to the outback, feeling they were unloved in their homeland. The Southern Squadron was sent to deal with their abuse of immigration laws, and after a battle convinced the A-Men to try New Zealand instead.


Stormy Weather is cordial and never starts a fight. Even then, she's ready at her team's beck and call.

Power & Abilities

Stormy Weather is a member of the A-Men, a team of superheroes based in America. She has the full backing of her teammates, many of whom have access to a myriad of powers.

Weather Control

Stormy Weather has control over localised weather. She can summon lightning, thunder, storms, and tides as needed. She is powerful enough to pin down the entire Southern Squadron by herself.


Her ability to control strong wings allows her to fly with enough finesse to overcome Southern Cross.