Super Ready Battle Armor Chapter 1

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Super Ready Battle Armor Chapter 1
Story by:Bradley Adan
Art by:Luis Ergueta Roldan
Lettering by:Bradley Adan

Super Ready Battle Armor Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Super Ready Battle Armor. The story is written and lettered by Bradley Adan, with art by Luis Ergueta Roldan.


In the city of Yutopia, a group is fighting monsters together. They start arguing amongst themselves until a boss monster attacks one of them, killing them in the process. It is revealed that this is a prediction by Oracle, who sees the vision in the reflection of the drink. Oracle then asks B.A. to meet the Reaper.

In another place, B.A. and Hawk wake up, finding themselves in jail for being falsely accused of driving a stolen car. They try to talk about their specific relationships, until the jail guard comes and frees B.A. As he comes out of the jailhouse, Eclair picks him up and starts a video call with S.A.M., B.A.'s mother. B.A. refuses to go inside the car and darts off.

At the Iron Weights HQ, Iron is repairing the vehicle that B.A. jacked. During this time, Iron and Violete talk about Hawk and B.A., reassuring each other that everyone is going to be ok. Both work on the vehicle, with Violete promising to remedy all the issues that the vehicle has. At the same time, we see that Violete is harboring B.A., who is hiding from his mother, S.A.M. and Iron. Violete interrogates B.A., asking him why did he steal from the Tunnel Rats gang.

Iron comes in and hits B.A., asking where Hawk was. He assured Iron that Hawk is ok, playing cards at the constable cell. As they show their concern for B.A., they start having dinner. B.A. starts asking if they're doing enough for the people, but Iron reassures him that they're helping enough at the moment.

Later that day, a person named Donamic was looking for Iron. He goes into a panic, asking B.A. to bring himself, Violete, and everyone back to the safe house to ensure everyone's safety. As everyone evacuates, Iron meets Donamic outside, trying to act friendly but seeing that some people hidden around are there to ambush them. Iron reveals that he knows Donamic is going around absorbing the smaller gangs. Donamic stops pretending, making it clear that he wants to integrate the Iron Weights Gang into his own, whether it's by agreement or by force.

As Donamic calls his henchmen, B.A. shows up and starts threatening Iron to go into the car or both will get shot by Micolah, a sniper. As negotiations go through, they start shooting B.A., abduct Iron, and burn the entire Iron Weights HQ.

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