Talos 1

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Talos Issue 1
Story by:Shaun Keenan, Brad Van Geest
Cover by:Brad Van Geest
Pencils by:Brad Van Geest
Inks by:Brad Van Geest
Letters by:Stephen Kok
Colours by:Wilson Go

Talos #1 is the premiere issue of Talos, an Australian indie comic book published by Comics2Movies. The story is written by Brad Van Geest and Shaun Keenan, with scripts by Christof Bogacs. The comic is pencilled and inked by Brad Van Geest, coloured by Wilson Go, and letters by Stephen Kok. The story follows a group of Spartans who are in the middle of a war against a barbarian tribe.


A group of Spartans are out towards the icy north, checking on their allies who stopped contact a month ago. Meanwhile in Sparta, Talos is training and encouraging his people when he trains with Odysseus, an old ally of his father. As they go into a sparring match, the Spartans due North are fighting enemies and are slowly dying off from several ambushes.